How to rock World Emoji Day

🌎😍Want to know what Emojis are and how they can boost your engagement levels on social media? You’ve landed on the right page.

Who won Adlantic’s #WorldEmojiDay competition on social media? Scroll to point No. 8 to find out.

Research shows around 92 percent of consumers use emojis. Using emojis adds colour and fun to every post. Plus you can express yourself without having to type lots of characters into a small screen on your smartphone. Helpful if you have fat fingers, poor eyesight and want to avoid neck strain.

You can read emojis on just about any device because they follow a standard code called Unicode. This means you can use a 🎵 musical note  emoji to your friend in China and they will instantly know you are listening to music – no translation required!

9 things we learned during World Emoji Day

1. Everyone loves Flamingoes & hard cash!

The good news is that 💰money 💷 is already an emoji and Flamingos are potentially about to be released. Go online anywhere and you will see hundreds of petitions and forums you can sign demanding the release of the Flamingo emoji – who knew these guys were so popular?

A formal flamingo proposal was submitted to Unicode in January 2018. Since then, Unicode has released a list of 157 new potential emojis for 2019. 🤞

Our pink feathered friends aside, the other missing emojis in demand were a penguin emoji, a sloth, a wider selection of drinks and more beach/ holiday based emojis.

2. Start a conversation using using emojis 

Fearful of getting engagement wrong on social media? Competitions are a useful tool to help you get the hang of small talk on social. Adlantic’s emoji competition meant we could have an informal conversation on the fun topic of emojis. We could genuinely have a laugh with our audience whilst growing it.

*Notice: We didn’t actually ask our audience to share or RT our post, they wanted to themselves.

3.It’s okay to have fun

Some brands are very rigid about their ‘voice’ on social media and are cautious when it comes to engaging with certain topics. If your brand voice is informative and serious, we’re thinking the CIA or enterprise level security software, then emoji’s are not going to be in your tool bag. ⛏

At Adlantic we stay on top of what’s trending in all sectors. Events like #WorldEmojiDay allow us to be playful, to experiment, test and say thank you. Our casual approach for this competition allowed us to chat with our customers and attracted lots of new faces.

4. Use Hashtags!

Hashtags are great on Twitter and Instagram. They  act like a filter helping you to find the people interested in the same topic. Hashtags are a shortcut to what’s trending in specific locations and globally.

For Hashtags, think speed. Our Director, Alison loves emojis and is fanatical about using tags at work.  We use tags for quickly finding everything from emails, invoices, bank statements, slack messages to project plans. Emojis + Hashtags = 💓⚡

5. Make It Easy

Don’t create too many rules if you want engagement and shares. Some brands ask their followers to enter on every social network, write a story, take a picture, tag their friends and sign up on their website – yawn.

World Emoji Day is fun, so we kept the hurdles to two. 1. Enter by replying in the comments and 2. Closing date of 12pm on Friday.

6. Give People Choices

Be platform agnostic! Everyone is different and prefers a specific social platform. We see a lot of Mum’s hanging out on Facebook where they share tips, angst and very cute baby pictures with relatives and friends. LinkedIn was a no goer for #WorldEmojiDay. It’s for business and users are quick to scorn social fluff.

The network you choose really depends on the age and interests of your customers. And, it will change with time. So keep testing and follow your audience.

We allowed people to enter on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We received the most engagement on Twitter which surprised us. We conclude that this was due to Twitter Hashtags as days like this aren’t usually celebrated on Facebook or Instagram.

7. Be flexible 🤸

People interpreted our how to enter instruction ‘which emoji is missing from your real life?’ in two ways;

The first group used the context as the ‘digital world’ e.g. it doesn’t exist on your emoji keyboard. They replied with new emoji ideas such as a sloth, flamingo etc.

The second group used the context as ‘non digital world’… e.g. I need a holiday – they replied with emojis like palm trees and wine. 🌴🍷

8. And the winner(s) is… 🥁

Megan Grace (@MeganGrace1993) – who wanted a dabbing emoji.

We chose this because this emoji because doesn’t already exist on our smartphones, is unique, fun and if you are watching any kind of sport… it’s kind of handy!

Commendations to;

Lisa Mcalley (@mumof3cherubs) for pregnant emoji
Nick Wilkins (@nick_wilkins1) – for the beard emoji and his great chat!
Rosie (@nicelittlestar) Emma J (@eljack204) Jax Rose (@jax_rose3) for the engagement rings in real life.

Thank you to everyone that took part – you rock!

9. 📈 Impact on Social Performance

Over 200 entries and over 10,000 impressions in three days from a small audience of 1000 people. We also attracted 200 new followers to our social media account on Twitter. Not bad for three days of focused fun. Please note the only budget we used on this was the prize, a £25 Amazon voucher.

social competition results for twitter