One Trust Certified Privacy Management Professional (OTCP)

We are delighted to announce, Director, John McHugh, has completed and passed the One Trust Certified Privacy Management exam.

Clients have been asking Adlantic how their marketing activities can comply with the increased consent requirements under the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When asked why Adlantic chose OneTrust, John said;

“I’ve been using the OneTrust (formerly Optanon) solution for the last two years, mainly from a website privacy audit and cookie compliance. OneTrust’s investment in developing a full privacy management system including privacy assessments, data mapping and identifying privacy risks in an integrated platform made them a natural choice for the agency.”

The new law coming into force on the 25th of May requires all businesses and organisations to review and reform internal data collection, storage and processing to meet the increased obligations of handling personal data. According to ICO commissioner Elizabeth Denham, GDPR is the biggest change for data protection in a generation.

Adlantic CEO, Alison McHugh agrees;

“As someone who has worked with marketing data for 20 years, the GDPR is a huge step change not just for marketers but everyone in an organisation. The mindset change needs to start from the top, the board and senior management. Our clients are keen to comply with GDPR, but more importantly they want to demonstrate to their customers, employees and supply chain that they can trust them with the data they hold.  “

OneTrust provides a solution for marketers and IT professionals in a new era where consumers are quite rightly taking back control of their data.

John trained in London for the OneTrust privacy management exam. We’d like to thank to OneTrust for building a great platform to help organisations manage GDPR more effectively and specifically my trainer, Monica Huynh for A+ OneTrust systems training.

Adlantic uses OneTrust privacy management systems to help clients manage data privacy requirements from a digital marketing perspective.

GDPR audits, assessments, reviews, implementation and data protection officer services are available to clients in partnership with Data Privacy, Quality & Governance Consultants with CIPP-E CQP MCQI certifications.

Come to our GDPR event in Glasgow to understand the implications for your organisation and plan for GDPR compliance.